East Delta University 

What is Access Academy?

Access Academy is a credit required program for students enrolling in East Delta University for their undergraduate studies. The academy offers courses that are of 3 credits each. Enrolling and passing these courses are mandatory but grades will not contribute to the final CGPA. This program consists of three courses that concentrate on the diverse capabilities (both personal and academic) that a student might have. Students joining EDU will be attending Access Academy courses in their first year in order to prepare them for their future academic and professional life. Upon completion of the following listed courses, students will be certified graduates of Access Academy. 


The Access Academy prepares students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds for the rigorous curriculum at East Delta University. 


The Academy focuses on helping students overcome their prior deficits in their educational background and prepare for success in EDU’s Undergraduate Program and future life in terms of higher studies and career development. It not only focuses on their academics but also grooms them towards becoming a critical thinker and better leaders.